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    Leite International Symposium (10th Intl. Symp. on Advanced Sustainable Iron & Steel Making)


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    This major symposium will cover but will not be limited to Powder Materials injection into Blast Furnaces, Genetic Algorithm, Process control and optimization in steel making, Modelling and Simulation of Iron and Steelmaking, Powder Metallurgy, Ferro-alloy process etc. These and many others are among the topics of the symposium.

    More specifically, the topics are described below.

    1. Principles:
    • Experimental techniques: existing and new developments
    • Reaction kinetics, thermodynamics, minor element behavior
    • Chemical and transport properties of slags, metals, fluxes, gases, etc.
    • Process modeling and simulation (computational fluid dynamic modeling, etc.)
    • Refractory materials, degradation, control and optimization
    • Recycling, waste treatment, soil remediation and biotechnologies
    2. Technologies:
    • New and Improved and Existing Technologies
    • Raw Materials Processing: Coke, Ferro-coke, Coal, Comminution, Magnetic Separation
    • Iron ore agglomeration: Pelletizing, Sintering, Carbon-composite agglomerates, New agglomerates such as partly-reduced pellet and sinter, Briquetting
    • Ironmaking: Blast Furnace, Charcoal Blast Furnace, Direct Reduction, Direct Smelting
    • Pre-treatment of hot metal: Desiliconization, Dephosphoratin, Dessulfurization
    • Steelmaking: Basic Oxygen Furnaces, Electric Arc Furnaces, Contaminant Removal
    • Solidification: Continuous casting, New casting
    • Environmental: Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Sulfur Oxides, Nitrogen Oxides, Mercury, Volatile Organics
    • Chemical and metallurgical process reactors
    • Control operations and new designs
    • Products quality and cleanness (metals, steels, etc.)
    3. Industrial Practice:
    • Plant and furnace operations
    • Process parameters in iron and steel making reactors
    • Feed preparation processes, equipment
    • Gas handling processes and equipment
    • Dusts and fugitive emissions; Dioxin and Furan emission control
    • New minimills and expansion/capital projects
    • Predicted future of iron and steel operations
    • Process control, optimization and automation
    • Integrated production vs. minimill production
    4. Miscellaneous:
    • Carbonization of solid steel from hydrocarbon; to reduce both resource gas volume and CO2 emission in carbonization furnaces
    • Use of hydrogen
    • Biogas production, overview for iron ore reduction

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Dr. Florian Kongoli
FLOGEN Technologies
Canada, [Bio]
Dr. Paulo Assis
UFOP, Ouro Preto
Brazil, [Bio]
Mr. Rodrigo Alvarenga Vilela, MBA
Brazil, [Bio]
Dr. Jose Adilson de Castro
Metallurgical Engineer
UFF - Federal Fluminense U.
Brazil, [Bio]
MGM Chair Professor
India, [Bio]
Dr. Wilson Ferreira Santos Jr.
Lawyer, Accountant, Independent Auditor and Business Consultant
Brazil, [Bio]
Dr. GS Mahobia
Associate Professor
Indian Inst. of Technology (Banaras Hindu U.)
India, [Bio]
Dr. Tateo Usui
Emeritus Professor
Osaka U.
Japan, [Bio]