2018 - Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit & Exhibition
4-7 November 2018, Rio Othon Palace, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Seven Nobel Laureates have already confirmed their attendance: Prof. Dan Shechtman, Prof. Sir Fraser Stoddart, Prof. Andre Geim, Prof. Thomas Steitz, Prof. Ada Yonath, Prof. Kurt Wüthrich and Prof. Ferid Murad. More than 400 Abstracts Submitted from about 60 Countries.
Abstract Submission
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"Let your body and mind be united by the power of yoga"

FREE Yoga Session by Prof. Francoise Lescanne-Toth
the Yogi of Metz

This free yoga session in the Asian room is about 1.5 hours, for all levels. All SIPS 2018 attendees and their guests may join.
Please bring a towel on which you can sit/lie on the floor.

Wednesday 7 Nov. 2018

Prof. Francoise Lescanne-Toth is a renowned Yogi of France, based in Metz. She earned her high recognition through 35 years of experience, her vast knowledge in yoga and in the Indian culture, and her radiating personality that is well-liked by all. Her curiosity in yoga is continuous; even after four yoga diplomas obtained in famous yoga schools, she remains inquisitive and on the search for new ideas. Her experience also includes yoga courses given in India and in a yoga-school she established in Metz, where she is molding future yoga professors (yoga-metz.com). As a physiotherapist and osteopath, she emphasizes the importance of understanding and knowing the body in the practice of yoga. Her active life is very impressive, especially if one considers that she performs these activities without seeing.