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    Schultz International Symposium (8th Intl. Symp. on Science of Intelligent & Sustainable Advanced Ferromagnetic and Superconducting Magnets (SISAM))


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    This SYMPOSIUM and ROUND TABLE topics will address 3 main concepts at large:

    I. Alloys and Magnets:
    • Magnetism and magnetic materials,
      • Fundamentals of magnetism
      • Spintronics
      • Nd-Fe-B; RE-Co; Sm-Fe-N: processing & properties
      • Raw materials, resources, mining, extraction & recycling
      • Nanomagnetism and magnets with reduced dimensionality
      • Rare earth free permanent magnets
      • Modeling & measurements
      • Coercivity & physical properties
      • Microstructure & properties characterization
      • Magnets applications
    • Complex intermetallics,
      • Magnetic compounds
      • Spin glass magnets
      • Large unit cell compounds
      • Composites
      • In situ TEM observation of magnetic nanostructures
    • Amorphous and nanostructured alloys,
      • Formation and stability
      • Soft magnetism in amorphous alloys
      • Additive manufacturing of duplex bulk amorphous alloys
      • Applications
    • Quasicrystals and aperiodic crystals.
      • Aperiodic order(s) in Nature
      • Aperiodic magnetic order and aperiodic magnetic compounds
      • Rare-earth based quasicrystals
      • Transport properties of aperiodic crystals and quasicrystals
      • Surface nanostructures on quasicrystals and related compounds
      • Surface chemistry of quasicrystals and aperiodic crystals.

    II. Intelligent Materials:
    • Computational Simulation of Intelligent Sustainable Advanced Materials (ISAM), including simulation of atomic and molecular structures, and of mechanical, thermoelectric, and magnetic properties
    • H2-Storage Advanced Materials with emphasis on enhancing the storage kinetics with respect to dissociation, diffusion and trapping of hydrogen
    • Amorphous Materials aiming at high stability and mechanical formability
    • SPD Nanomaterials aiming at the principles to increase the ductility at still high strength
    • Advanced Thermoelectrics optimizing the efficiency by constraints and defects
    • Magnetic Materials, including advancements of coercivity and magnetostriction by means of exchange coupling mechanisms
    • Advanced Biomedical Materials achieving case-dependent mechanical & biocorrosion properties
    • Semicrystalline Polymers, with special emphasis on the role of dislocations for macroscopic strength
    • Current Intelligent Sustainable Advanced Materials like Graphene, CNTs, High Entropy Alloys
    • ISAM Industrial Applications, and the trend of increasing commercialization of materials (amorphous & nanocrystalline materials, magnetic materials, and others)
    • Nano-Analytic Methods comprising diffraction line profile and texture analysis, including Synchrotron and neutron radiation, dilatometry, and positron annihilation spectroscopy

    III. Surfaces and Interfaces:
    • Formation, preparation and stability of surfaces, interfaces, and grain boundaries
    • Characterization of surfaces, interfaces and grain boundaries of metals, alloys, oxides and semi-conductors
    • Solid-liquid interfaces, including biological surfaces and interfaces
    • Surfaces, interfaces and grain boundaries of nano-objects and nano-particles
    • Architectured and nanostructured materials
    • Thin films and coatings
    • Supported nano-objects
    • Advanced microscopies of surfaces and interfaces (Transmission electron microscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy, Scanning Tunneling Microscopy)
    • Experimentals and instrumentation
    • Theoretical tools, models, codes
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Dr. Florian Kongoli
FLOGEN Technologies
Canada, [Bio]
Dr. Jean-Marie Dubois
Inst. Jean Lamour
France, [Bio]
Dr. Mariana Calin
IFW Dresden
Germany, [Bio]
Dr. Spomenka Kobe
Josef Stefan Inst.
Slovenia, [Bio]