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In 2019, Dr. Florian Kongoli, Chairman of FLOGEN Stars Outreach, became the first Canadian and Scientist to receive the official title of Honorary Citizen of Rio de Janeiro. This honorary title was awarded to Dr. Kongoli in recognition of his major contributions in science and technology in the framework of sustainability. Congratulatory messages from the Canadian Ambassador in Brazil, Tohoku University president in Japan, and University of Montreal rector in Canada were sent to Dr. Kongoli. For this unique occasion, a documentary in multiple languages has been produced showcasing Dr. Kongoli’s numerous contributions, as well as about 1000 media outlets covered this news.

Dr. Florian Kongoli: First Scientist to become an Honorary Citizen of Rio de Janeiro

On 26 November 2019 Dr. Florian Kongoli, became Honorary Citizen of Rio de Janeiro in a Plenary Siting Ceremony of Rio de Janeiro City Hall based on the Legislative Decree No. 1901/2019 voted unanimously in the plenary session of 9 October 2019.


Some Photos and Videos are given below.

Photos (in chronological order):

Official Certificate of Honorary Citizen of Rio de Janeiro to Dr. Florian Kongoli

Dr. Florian Kongoli attending Brazilian National Anthem played at the start of the Ceremony

Dr. Florian Kongoli attending Brazilian National Anthem played at the start of the Ceremony

Mario Linhares, Director of Program Linha de Frente, introduces Dr. Florian Kongoli

Dr. Florian Kongoli listening to the Chair of the Session

Dr Florian Kongoli receiving the Official Certificate of Honorary Citizen of Rio de Janeiro

Dr Florian Kongoli receiving the Official Certificate of Honorary Citizen of Rio de Janeiro from city councillor Atila A. Nunes in the presence of Mario Linhares, Director of Program Linha de Frente

Dr Florian Kongoli receiving the Official Certificate of Honorary Citizen of Rio de Janeiro from city councillor Atila A. Nunes in the presence of Mario Linhares, Director of Program Linha de Frente

Dr Florian Kongoli with Mario Linhares, Director of Program Linha de Frente

Dr Florian Kongoli bearing the Official Certificate of Honorary Citizen of Rio de Janeiro

Dr. Florian Kongoli speaking after becoming Honorary Citizen of Rio de Janeiro

Dr. Florian Kongoli speaking after becoming Honorary Citizen of Rio de Janeiro

City councillor Atila A. Nunes congratulates Dr Florian Kongoli after his speech

Dr Florian Kongoli with Rio de Janeiro city councillor Atila A. Nunes and Mario Linhares, Director of Program Linha de Frente after his speech

Mario Linhares, Director of Program Linha de Frente, describes the activity of Dr. Florian Kongoli after Dr. Kongoli's speech

Dr Florian Kongoli in a complimentary speech after the ceremony

Official Photo after the ceremony at the Plenary Hall Door: Dr Florian Kongoli, Rio de Janeiro City Councillor Atila A. Nunes and Mario Linhares, Director of Program Linha de Frente

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Official Photo after the ceremony at the Official Entry of the City Hall: Dr Florian Kongoli, Rio de Janeiro City Councillor Atila A. Nunes and Mario Linhares, Director of Program Linha de Frente

Coming Soon
Dr. Florian Kongoli with Francisco Aieta Chief of Cabinet for City Counselor Dr. Joao Ricardo Ribas

Dr Florian Kongoli with Mario Linhares, Director of Program Linha de Frente

Coming Soon
Dr. Florian Kongoli with Prof. Dr. Manfred Mauntz, cmc Instruments GmbH, Germany


Interview with Dr Florian Kongoli

Dr Florian Kongoli - Honorary Citizen of Rio de Janeiro - interview after the ceremony

Dr Florian Kongoli's helicopter view of Rio de Janeiro as Honorary Citizen of the City

Dr Florian Kongoli, Honorary Citizen of Rio de Janeiro, Official Ceremony

You've got a Friend in Rio: Interview with Dr. Florian Kongoli before SIPS 2018


Message of Congratulation from the Ambassador of Canada to Brazil, H.E. Jennifer May, to Dr Florian Kongoli on the occasion of getting the Title of Honorary Citizen of Rio de Janeiro

H.E. Jennifer May

Dr. Florian Kongoli


(Tohoku University was recently classified No 1 University in Japan)

Prof. Hideo Ohno

Dr. Florian Kongoli

Dr. Florian Kongoli
FLOGEN Stars Outreach
1255 Boul. Laird, Suite 388-1
Mont-Royal, QC, H3P 2T1

17 December, 2020

Dear Dr. Kongoli,

It is with great pleasure that I received the news that you were honored with the title of honorary citizen of the city of Rio de Janeiro. On behalf of Tohoku University, I would like to extend my sincere congratulations.

We are very delighted that you, who earned your doctoral degree at Tohoku University, have continued to contribute to science and technology by hosting the Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit & Exhibition for many years. It is an honor for us to think that our faculty and researchers may have contributed to your gaining insights and perspectives through your interacting with them, and that we may have contributed to what you have accomplished.

Once again, congratulations on receiving this prestigious title. I hope that you will continue to make contributions on a global scale.

Sincerely yours,

Hideo OHNO
President of Tohoku University

Please click here to see the Original letter

Letter from the Rector of the University of Montreal to Dr. Florian Kongoli

(University of Montreal is classified No 3 University in Canada)
French version below

Prof. Daniel Jutras

Dr. Florian Kongoli

Office of the President

Montreal, September 8th 2020

Mr.Florian Kongoli
FLOGEN Stars Outreach
1255 Boul. Laird, Suite 388-1
Mont-Royal, QC, H3P 2T1

Mr. Kongoli,

It's with great pleasure to learn that you have obtained the title of an honorary citizen of the city of Rio de Janeiro. I am writing this letter today to congratulate you on this prestigious distinction, which is a reward of your talent and your inspiring work.

We're proud that you are an internationally recognized leading ambassador for the University of Montreal. This award adds to your numerous achievements in the fields of science and technology. In fact, you have over 25 years of experience, in over 40 countries in the development of innovative and durable solutions.

I congratulate you for you work and various contributions as a leader and graduate. Your success and your engagement are a great honor to your alma mater.

On my behalf and on behalf of the University of Montreal, I want to congratulate you again on this great honor that you have received and I would like to reiterate how proud we are that you were given the title of an honorary citizen of Rio de Janeiro.

Kindest regards, Mr. Kongoli, and thank you once again for your excellent work.

Daniel Jutras

c.c. Mr. Raymond Lalande, MD, MA, FCMF, Vice-Rector for Alumni Relations and philanthropy

Please click here to see the Original letter in french


Documentary about our Chairman: Dr Florian Kongoli

A documentary in English Language about our chairman on the occasion of becoming a Honorary Citizen of Rio de Janeiro was prepared and released as a joint production of Amigo no Rio and Lema Digital

A link to the video is given below:

Dr. Florian Kongoli - a Bird-Eye View on the Newest Carioca in Town

A documentary in Portuguese Language about our chairman on the occasion of becoming a Honorary Citizen of Rio de Janeiro was prepared and released as a joint production of Amigo no Rio and Lema Digital

A link to the video is given below:

Dr. Florian Kongoli - Um carioca honorario e sua historia de sucesso

A documentary in French Language about our chairman on the occasion of becoming a Honorary Citizen of Rio de Janeiro was prepared and released as a joint production of Amigo no Rio and Lema Digital

A link to the video is given below:

Dr. Florian Kongoli - Un Nouveau Carioca dans le Ciel de Rio

A documentary in the Japanese Language about our chairman on the occasion of becoming a Honorary Citizen of Rio de Janeiro was prepared and released as a joint production of Amigo no Rio and Lema Digital

A link to the video is given below:

Dr Florian Kongoli - A bird's eye view of the brand-new Carioca<

A documentary in Mandarin/Chinese Language about our chairman on the occasion of becoming a Honorary Citizen of Rio de Janeiro was prepared and released as a joint production of Amigo no Rio and Lema Digital

A link to the video is given below:

Dr Florian Kongoli

A documentary in Spanish Language about our chairman on the occasion of becoming a Honorary Citizen of Rio de Janeiro was prepared and released as a joint production of Amigo no Rio and Lema Digital

A link to the video is given below:

Dr. Florian Kongoli - Un carioca honorario y su historia de exito

A documentary in Russian Language about our chairman on the occasion of becoming a Honorary Citizen of Rio de Janeiro was prepared and released as a joint production of Amigo no Rio and Lema Digital

A link to the video is given below:

Dr Florian Kongoli



Article about our Chairman, Dr. Florian Kongoli at TMR Post/Le Poste de Mont-Royal (8 July 2010, page 4)
Click the photo below to read the full article

A link to the entire number of TMR Post/Le Poste de Mont-Royal (8 July 2010) is given here: www.flogen.org/pdf/jmr_2020-07-08.pdf

Copper Worldwide Magazine , Vol 10, No 3


August 2020

Dr. Florian Kongoli in Times Square

Dr Florian Kongoli featured in New York City Time Square on 7, 10 & 11 Aug 2020, on the occasion of becoming Rio de Janeiro Honorary Citizen

Dr Florian Kongoli featured in New York City Time Square on 7, 10 & 11 Aug 2020, on the occasion of becoming Rio de Janeiro Honorary Citizen

Dr Florian Kongoli featured in The Montreal Gazette on 15 August 2020,

A link to the entire page of Montreal Gazette (15 August 2020) is given here

Dr Florian Kongoli featured in National Post Journal on 8 August 2020,

A link to the entire page of National Post Journal on 8 August 2020 is given here

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  200. NAFTA News Today
  201. NATO News Today
  202. Shanghai Cooperation Organization News Today
  203. WHO News Today
  204. WTO News Today
  205. WFP News Today
  206. Red Cross News Today
  207. IOM News Today
  208. Export-Import Bank News Today
  209. Arab League News Today
  210. Commonwealth News Today
  211. APEC News Today
Japanese Media Releases
  1. Chemistry Industry Today
  2. Environmental News Today
  3. Global Warming News Today
  4. UNFCCC Conferences of the Parties News Today
  5. Gold Industry Today
  6. Mining Industry Today
  7. Rare Earth Metals News Today
  8. Al Qaeda News Today
  9. Democracy News Today
  10. Dmitry Medvedev News Today
  11. EU Politics Today
  12. Francois Hollande News Today
  13. George W. Bush News Today
  14. John McCain News Today
  15. Mitt Roney News Today
  16. Politics News Today
  17. Rick Santorum News Today
  18. Sarah Palin News Today
  19. Vladimir Putin News Today
  20. Xi Jinping News Today
  21. CNES News Today
  22. Canadian Space Agency News Today
  23. JAXA News Today
  24. NASA News Today
  25. Research Reports News Today
  26. Science News Today
  27. Great American Advisors
  28. myMotherLode.com
  29. Rockford Register Star
  30. The Buffalo News
  31. The San Diego Union Tribune
  32. Press-Telegram
  33. News Ok
  34. WRAL
  35. Star Tribune
  36. AZ Central
  37. Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel
  38. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  39. Daily Herald
  40. Sweetwater Reporter
  41. Big Spring Herald
  42. Ridgway Record
  43. ane Republican
  44. The Punxsutawney Spirit
  45. The Daily Press
  46. The Antlers American
  47. Minster Community Post
  48. Poteau Daily News
  49. The Evening Leader
  50. Wapakoneta Daily News
  51. Observer News Anterprise
  52. Valley City Times - Record
  53. Daily Times Leader
  54. Starkville Daily News
  55. The Post and Mail
  56. Decatur Daily Democrat
  57. The Morning News
  58. The Pilot News
  59. Mammoth Times
  60. Malvern Online
  61. Inyo Register
  62. Benton Courier
  63. Ascensus
  64. Franklin Credit
  65. Townhall Finance
  66. Spoke
  67. 1st Discount Brokerage
  68. Corte Madera
  69. Pentiction Herald
  70. Kelowna Daily Courier
  71. Walnut Creek Guide
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  73. Sunnyvale.com
  74. Dow Theory Letters
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  86. Mill Valley
  87. Boston Herals
  88. Daly City
  89. Livermore.com
  90. Los Altos
  91. The Chronicle Journal
  92. Minyanville
  93. Wall Street Select
  94. Fat Pitch Financials
  95. Ask.com
  96. IB Times
  97. Street Insider
  98. Fat Pitch Value Investing
  99. Invest Place

French Media Releases
  1. Clean Coal News Today
  2. Energy Industry Today
  3. FPSO News Today
  4. Geothermal Power News Today
  5. Natural Gas Industry Today
  6. OPEC News Today
  7. Oil & Gas News Today
  8. Power Plants News Today
  9. Shale Gas News Today
  10. Solar Energy Industry Today
  11. Wind Energy Industry Today
  12. Shale Oil News Today
  13. Renewable Energy News Today
  14. Oil Sands News Today
  15. Offshore Oil News Today
  16. Nuclear Power News Today
  17. Lighting Industry News Today
  18. Fracking News Today
  19. Ethanol News Today
  20. Electric Power News Today
  21. Biofuel Industry Today
  22. Global Warming News Today
  23. UNFCCC Conferences of the Parties News Today
  24. Environmental News Today
  25. Mining Industry Today
  26. Rare Earth Metals News Today
  27. Gold Industry Today
  28. Democracy News Today
  29. EU Politics Today
  30. George W. Bush News Today
  31. Mitt Romney News Today
  32. Rick Santorum News Today
  33. Vladimir Putin News Today
  34. Al Queda News Today
  35. Dmitry Medvedev
  36. Francois Hollande News Today
  37. John McCain Today
  38. Politics News Today
  39. Sarah Palin News Today
  40. Xi Jinping News Today
  41. Canadian Space Agency News Today
  42. CNES News Today
  43. JAXA News Today
  44. Research Reports News Today
  45. NASA News Today
  46. Scence News Today
  47. Great American Advisors
  48. Rockford Register Star
  49. MyMotherLode.com
  50. The Buffalo News
  51. Sign on San Diego
  52. NewsOK
  53. WRAL
  54. Star Tribune
  55. AZ Central
  56. Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel
  57. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  58. Daily Herald
  59. Sweet Water Reporter
  60. Big Spring Herald
  61. Ridgway Record
  62. Kane Republican
  63. The Punxsutawney Spirit
  64. The Daily Press
  65. The Antlers American
  66. Minster Community Post
  67. Poteau Daily News
  68. The Evening Leader
  69. Wapakoneta Daily News
  70. Observer News Enterprise
  71. Valley City Times-Record
  72. Daily Times Leader
  73. Starkville Daily News
  74. The Post and Mail
  75. Decatur Daily Democrat
  76. The Morning News
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  79. Malvern Daily Record
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  84. Townhall Finance
  85. 1st Discount Brokerage
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  87. Corte Madera
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  90. Walnut Creeek Guide
  91. Deer Park Tribune
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  93. Dow Theory Letters
  94. Winslow, Evans & Crocker
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  97. Daily Penny Alerts
  98. Borger News-Herald
  99. BPAS
  100. Boston Herald
  101. Livermore.com
  102. Chronicle Journal
  103. Wall Street Select
  104. Fat Pitch Financials
  105. International Business Times
  106. Value Investing News
  107. Ask
  108. Street Insider
  109. Investor Place
  110. Today in the News
  111. Environment Press Releases
  112. Mining Press Releases
  113. Today on the Internet
  114. Energy Industry Today
  115. Market Forecast Reports
  116. Energy Press Releases
  117. Today in Energy
  118. Market Forecast Analysis
  119. Science Press Releases
  120. Today in Science
  121. Minyan Ville
  122. Losaltos.com
  123. Dalycity.com
  124. Millvalley.com
  125. Menlopark.com
  126. Pleasanton.com
  127. SanAnselmo.com
  128. SantaClara.com
  129. Burlingame.com

Mandarin Media Releases
  1. Company News Today
  2. EIN News Report: Airbus
  3. EIN News Report: Boeing
  4. EIN News Report: Conocophillips
  5. EIN News Report: Gazprom
  6. EIN News Report: Merck
  7. EIN News Report: Pfizer
  8. EIN News Report: Starbucks
  9. EIN News Report: Toyota
  10. EIN News Report: BP Energy
  11. EIN News Report: Coca-Cola
  12. EIN News Report: Exxon Mobil
  13. EIN News Report: GlaxoSmithKline
  14. EIN News Report: Pepsi-cola
  15. EIN News Report: Shell Energy
  16. Global Warming News Today
  17. UNFCCC Conferences of the Parties News Today
  18. Gold Industry Today
  19. Mining Industry Today
  20. Rare Earth Metals News Today
  21. Al Quaeda News Today
  22. Dmitry Medvedev News Today
  23. Francois Hollande News Today
  24. John McCain Today
  25. Politics News Today
  26. Sarah Palin News Today
  27. Democracy News Today
  28. EU Politics Today
  29. Georgoe W. Bush News Today
  30. Mitt Romney News Today
  31. Rick Santorum News Today
  32. Valadimir Putin News Today
  33. Xi Jinping News Today
  34. CNES News Today
  35. JAXA News Today
  36. Research Reports News Today
  37. Canadian Space Agency News Today
  38. NASA News Today
  39. Science News Today
  40. MyMotherLode.com
  41. Sign on San Diego
  42. Great American Advisors
  43. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  44. Ascensus
  45. Franklin Credit Management Corporation
  46. Townhall Finance
  47. 1st Discount Brokerage
  48. Spoke
  49. The Buffalo News
  50. Rockford Register Star
  51. Press-Telegram
  52. NewsOK
  53. WRAL
  54. AZ Central
  55. Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel
  56. Star Tribune
  57. Daily Herald
  58. Sweetwater Reporter
  59. Big Spring Herald
  60. Ridgway Record
  61. Kane Republican
  62. The Punxsutawney Spirit
  63. The Daily Press
  64. The Antlers American
  65. Minster Community Post
  66. Poteau Daily News
  67. The Evening Leader
  68. Wapakoneta Daily News
  69. Observer News Enterprise
  70. Valley City Times - Record
  71. Daily Times Leader
  72. Starkville Daily News
  73. The Post and Mail
  74. Decatur Daily Democrat
  75. The Morning News
  76. The Pilot News
  77. Mammoth Times
  78. Malvern Daily Record
  79. Inyo Register
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  82. Penticton Herald
  83. Kelowna Daily Courier
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  90. SantaClara.com
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  92. SanAnselno.com
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  94. Daily Penny Alerts
  95. Borger News-Herald
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  98. The Chronicle Journal
  99. Wall Street Select
  100. Fat Pitch Financials
  101. International Business Times
  102. Value Investing News
  103. Ask.com
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  107. LosAltos.com
  108. Livermore.com
  109. Dalycity.com
  110. Millvalley.com
  111. Menlopark.com
  112. Pleasanton.com

Russian Media Releases
  1. Kazakhstan newswire
  2. Kyrgyzstan newswire
  3. Russia Newswire
  4. Ukraine Newswire
  5. Facebook
  6. Twitter
  7. Google
  8. Yahoo
  9. Bing
  10. Ask
  11. Chemical Industry Today
  12. Education News Toay
  13. Energy Industry Today
  14. Enevironmental News Today
  15. Manufacturing News Today
  16. Mining Industry Today
  17. Politics News Today
  18. Science News Today
  19. Technology Today
  20. Waste Management & Recycling News Today
  21. PR India Newswire
  22. Walnutcreekguide
  23. CorteMadera
  24. Sunnyvale
  25. Sausalito
  26. SantaClara
  27. SanRafael
  28. Burlingame
  29. SanAnselmo
  30. Pleasanton
  31. MillValley
  32. MenloPark
  33. Livermore
  34. Dalycity
  35. Boston Herald
  36. Observer News Enterprise
  37. Daily Herald
  38. Sweetwater Reporter
  39. Big Spring Herald
  40. Ridgway Record
  41. Kane Republican
  42. The Punxsutawney Spirit
  43. The Daily Press
  44. The Antlers American
  45. Minster Community Post
  46. Poteau Daily News
  47. The Evening Leader
  48. Wapakoneta Daily News
  49. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  50. Valley City Times-Record
  51. Daily Times Leader
  52. Starkville Daily News
  53. The Post and Mail
  54. Decatur Daily Democrat
  55. The Morning News
  56. The Pilot News
  57. Mammoth Times
  58. Malvern Daily Record
  59. Inyo Register
  60. Benton Courier
  61. Ascensus
  62. Franklin Credit
  63. Townhall finance
  64. Spoke
  65. 1st Discount Brokerage
  66. Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel
  67. AZ Central
  68. Star Tribune
  69. WRAL
  70. The Oklahoman
  71. Press-Telegram
  72. Sign on San Diego
  73. The Buffalo News
  74. Rockford Register Star
  75. MYmotherlode.com California Gold Country
  76. Great American Advisors
  77. Penticton Herald
  78. Kelowna Daily Courier
  79. Deer Park Tribune
  80. BPAS
  81. Dow Theory Letters
  82. Winslow, Evans & Crocker
  83. The Chornicle Journal
  84. Borger News-Herald
  85. Daily Penny Alerts
  86. LosAltos.com
  87. Fat Pitch Financials
  88. WallStreetSelect
  89. International Business Times
  90. StreetInsider
  91. Value Investing News
  92. Minyanville
  93. Biofuel Industry Today
  94. Fracking News Today
  95. Natural Gas Industry Today
  96. Offshore Oil News Today
  97. Power Plants News Today
  98. Shale Oil News Today
  99. Clean Coal News Today
  100. Ethanol News Today
  101. Geothermal Power News Today
  102. Nuclear Power News Today
  103. Oil & Gas Industry Today
  104. Renewable Energy News Today
  105. Solar Energy Industry Today
  106. Electric Power News Today
  107. FPSO News Today
  108. Lighting Industry News Today
  109. OPEC News Today
  110. Oil Sands News Today
  111. Shale Gas News Today
  112. Wind Energy Industry Today
  113. Global Warming News Today
  114. UNFCCC Conferences of the Parties News Today
  115. Gold Industry Today
  116. Rare Earth Metal News Today
  117. Al Qaeda News Today
  118. EU Politics Today
  119. John McCain Today
  120. Rick Santorum News Today
  121. Xi Jinping News Today
  122. Democracy News Today
  123. Francois Hollande News Today
  124. Mitt Romney News Today
  125. Sarah Palin News Today
  126. Dmitry Medvedev News Today
  127. George W. Bush Today
  128. Politics News Today
  129. Vladimir Putin News Today
  130. CNES News Today
  131. Canadian Space Agency News Today
  132. JAXA News Today
  133. NASA News Today
  134. Research Reports News Today
  135. 3D Printing News Today
  136. CeBIT News Today
  137. Game Developers Conference News Today
  138. Semiconductor Industry Today
  139. Web 2.0 News Today
  140. Apple Samsung Patent War News
  141. Consumer Electronics Show News Today
  142. Nanotechnology News Today
  143. Smartwatch News Today
  144. Biotechnology News Today
  145. EMS News Today
  146. Satellites News Today

Czech Media Releases
  1. Agriculture Industry Today
  2. Fishing News Today
  3. Fishing News Today
  4. Guerrilla Gardening News Today
  5. Schmallenberg Virus News Today
  6. Soil Erosion News Today
  7. Chemical Industry Today
  8. Biofuel Industry Today
  9. Clean Coal News Today
  10. Electric Power News Today
  11. Energy Industry Today
  12. Ethanol News Today
  13. FPSO News Today
  14. Fracking News Today
  15. Geothermal Power News Today
  16. Lighting Industry News Today
  17. Natural Gas Industry Today
  18. Nuclear Power News Today
  19. OPEC News Today
  20. Offshore Oil News Today
  21. Oil & Gas Industry Today
  22. Oil Sands News Today
  23. Power Plants News Today
  24. Renewable Energy News Today
  25. Shale Gas News Today
  26. Shale Oil News Today
  27. Solar Energy Industry Today
  28. Wind Energy Industry Today
  29. Environmental News Today
  30. Global Warming News Today
  31. UNFCCC Conferences of the Parties News Today
  32. Waste Management & Recycling News Today
  33. Google
  34. Google News
  35. Yahoo
  36. Bing
  37. Bing News
  38. Ask
  39. Facebook
  40. Twitter
  41. Journal of Environmental News
  42. International News Ledger
  43. World Report Monitor
  44. Global Reporter Journal
  45. World Online News Reports
  46. One World Daily Brief
  47. 24/7 Business Reporter
  48. Global Business Watch
  49. Global Advertising News
  50. The MarCom Journal
  51. Small Business News Watch
  52. The Entrepreneurship Reporter
  53. Consumer World Report
  54. World Post Reporter
  55. Business Post Examiner
  56. The Business Gazette Online
  57. World Advertising Report
  58. The Marketing Communicator
  59. Small Business World Journal
  60. Small Businesses in the News
  61. Small Business World Magazine
  62. Smart's Business Wire
  63. Media Industry Observer
  64. Eyeballs & Clicks
  65. Small Business Online Network
  66. Innovation & Entrepreneurs News
  67. Global Journal Observer
  68. International World Times
  69. International Business Watch
  70. Economic Policy Times
  71. Business Herald Online
  72. Today In MarCom
  73. Global Media Watch
  74. Growing Businesses in the News
  75. SMB World Report
  76. The Consumer News Network
  77. Global News Scanner
  78. MarCom World
  79. SMB & Me
  80. Consumer Products World
  81. Small Business News Today
  82. SMB in Action
  83. The World Newswire
  84. Business Times Journal
  85. Journal of Business News
  86. Economic News Observer
  87. Media World Today
  88. Energy News Watch
  89. Alternative Energy Reporter
  90. World Energy News Online
  91. Watts Happening Today
  92. Power Generation Journal
  93. Energy Update
  94. Sustainable Energy Times
  95. Global Energy Times
  96. Global Energy Today
  97. Power Grid Today
  98. Agriculture News Online
  99. Aquaculture Industry Today
  100. Global Agriculture Review
  101. World Agriculture Times
  102. International Agriculture Network
  103. Agriculture Industry Watch
  104. Aquaculture World Today
  105. Sustainable Agriculture Today
  106. Green Agriculture Reporter
  107. Green Planet Agriculture
  108. Global Agriculture Online
  109. Environmental News Watch
  110. Earth Times Observer
  111. Earth Matters Journal
  112. Sustainable Earth Reporter
  113. The Global European
  114. A Green Earth & Me
  115. Environmental Post Ledger
  116. Healthy Planet Today
  117. Global Environment Watch
  118. International Environment Times
  119. The Green Earth Gazette
  120. The European Gazette
  121. Central Europe Online
  122. My European News
  123. The Europe Daily Report
  124. European Global Times
  125. The European Current
  126. European Globe
  127. European Ledger
  128. European News Online
  129. European Morning Report
  130. The Europe Sun
  131. Euro Broadcast News
  132. News From Europe!
  133. European News Update
  134. European Agriculture News
  135. European Energy Times
  136. European Environmental News

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