Fray International Sustainability Award

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Fray Fray International Sustainability Award has been established in honor of the distinguished work and lifetime achievements of Dr. Derek J. Fray, Emeritus Professor, University of Cambridge, UK whose illustrious biography includes among others almost 400 scientific papers, approximately 179 patents arising from 62 families of patents and several Fellowships of some of the most prestigious professional societies around the world.

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The purpose of this Award is to acknowledge the work of various personalities or entities among politicians, corporations and academics for achievements especially related directly or indirectly to science and new technologies for a sustainable development.

The Award follows the "Sustainability Triangle" conceptual philosophy developed by Dr. Florian Kongoli. Each corner of the triangle represents:

Fray - Politics: Reflecting the role of Political Framework
-Industry: reflecting the role of Applied Industrial technologies
-Academia: Reflecting the role of education and development of new basic technologies

In order to be effective in terms of sustainability, these three corners should closely interact and cooperate with each other. Consequently the Award covers three categories:

Politics :
"For Leadership in developing new advanced public policy frameworks related to the efficiency of mineral and metal resources for a global sustainable development"

"For Leadership in developing and applying new innovative business plans and operation technologies for a sustainable development of the company in the environment, economy and social points of view"

"For Leadership in developing new technologies that contribute to a global sustainable development in the environment, economy and social points of view"

Proposals of worthy candidates for the Fray International Sustainability Award are welcome, and can be submitted to secretary@flogen.org