Whittingham International Energy Award

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Whittingham International Energy Award has been established in honor of the lifetime achievements of Prof. M. Stanley Whittingham, 2019 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, and his distinguished work on lithium-ion batteries and energy conservation.

In the 1970s, Stanley Whittingham developed an innovative cathode in a lithium battery. This was made from titanium disulphide which, at a molecular level, has spaces that can house lithium ions. Storing electrical energy in batteries is a key factor in solving the world´s energy supply. The element lithium is useful in batteries since it willingly releases electrons. Whittingham´s contributions were crucial for the development of lithium-ion batteries, which are used in for example mobile phones and electric cars.

The purpose of this Award is to acknowledge the extraordinary and groundbreaking scientific achievements from scientists and engineers in the field of energy, within the FLOGEN Sustainability Framework.

The Award Citation reads:
Whittingham "For Leadership in developing new energy technologies for a sustainable development in the environmental, economic, and social points of view"

Proposals of worthy candidates for the Whittingham International Energy Award are welcome, and can be submitted to secretary@flogen.org