Energy Production

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Dr. Florian Kongoli, FLOGEN Chairman, has had the opportunity to award, interview and conduct discussions with various professionals in the energy production field over the years. These have taken place at various FLOGEN SIPS, held in many locations across the world. These videos will be continuously updated.

SIPS 2018: Dr. Manfred Mauntz being interviewed by Mario Linhares.

SIPS 2018: Dr. Marcos Flavio De Campos being interviewed by Mario Linhares.

SIPS 2017: Interview with Professor Harold Dodds.

SIPS 2017: Interview with Dr. Tamer Turna.

SIPS 2016: Professor Santilli Plenary Presentation.

SIPS 2016: Dr. Florian Kongoli, President of SIPS and President of FLOGEN, in conversation with Professor Ruggero Santilli.

To be updated