Artists of Science is a signature series developed by Dr. Florian Kongoli, chairman of Flogen Stars Outreach. It features various notable scientific figures, and looks into more than just their scientific background but also their lives, and what has influenced them and aided them in their successes to date. These interviews take place all across the world or at various FLOGEN SIPS events across the world, and are updated continuously.

FLOGEN(R) Artists of Science (TM): Romero Machado Correa, BSc, Engineer, CEO, Grupo Vetorial, Brazil

FLOGEN Artists of Science (TM): Prof. Luis A. Echegoyen, 2020 President, American Chemical Society

FLOGEN(R) Artists of Science (TM): Prof. Subra Suresh, President, NTU, Singapore

FLOGEN Artists of Science(TM):Prof. Nektarios Tavernarakis,Vice-President, European Research Council

FLOGEN Artists of Science (TM): Dr. Katerina Aifantis, Assoc. Professor, University of Florida, USA

FLOGEN(R) Artists of Science (TM): Paulo Afonso Gomes, B.Sc., Engineer, (Former CEO), Brazil

FLOGEN(R) Artists of Science (TM): Rodrigo Valladares, Viena Siderurgica, Brazil

FLOGEN(R) Artists of Science (TM): Prof. Bernhard A. Schrefler, University of Padua, Italy

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