Novoselov International Materials Award

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Novoselov International Materials Award has been established in honor of the lifetime achievements of Prof. Sir, Konstantin Novoselov, 2010 Nobel Laureate in Physics, and his distinguished work in the field of materials.

Prof. Konstantin Novoselov, discovered along with other scientist a new material while playing with sticky tape. The material in question, graphene, is a layer of carbon just one atom thick, flexible, almost transparent, water-permeable but gas-proof, highly conductive of electricity and heat, and about 100 times stronger than steel.

Carbon exists in several different natural forms. A material consisting of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice and only one atom thick was long considered a purely theoretical construction. Graphene creates new possibilities within materials technology and electronics.

The purpose of this Award is to acknowledge the extraordinary and groundbreaking scientific achievements from scientists and engineers in the field of Materials, within the FLOGEN Sustainability Framework.

The Award Citation reads:
"For Leadership in developing and applying new materials methods and technologies for a sustainable development in the environmental, economic, and social points of view"

Novoselov Proposals of worthy candidates for the Novoselov International Materials Award are welcome, and can be submitted to secretary@flogen.org