St. Florian and Dr. Florian

An unannounced and pleasant meeting of St. Florian, Patron Saint of Fire and Metals with Dr. Florian, a metals, fire and chemical scientist in Pompey, France:

St. Florian came in unannounced to meet Dr. Florian Kongoli during his visit in Pompey close to Nancy, France at the restaurant "L´entre Deux" in October 2021. After a magnificent lunch at the restaurant, the owner, Laurent Laleve, offered a free drink from the house to close everything. Laurent was not aware that the first name of Dr. Kongoli was Florian and Prof. Jean-Marie Dubois, who was present, was also not aware of the name of the drink being served. Dr. Florian Kongoli noticed the name of the drink and told his colleagues. An unannounced and pleasant meeting!

Dr. Florian, President of SIPS and President of FLOGEN, as well as a metals, fire, and chemicals scientist has a pleasant meeting with St. Florian, Saint of fire and metals, in Pompey, France.

Dr. Florian Kongoli, President of SIPS and President of FLOGEN, on an unforgettable, inspiring and invigorating visit with Saint Florian Satie and Chapel on the top of the highest hill in Bzenec, Czechia, June 2022