FLOGEN Star OutreachTM is a not-for-profit international organization dedicated to bring at the world-wide STAR level of the society various personalities or entities for direct or indirect achievements in science, technology and engineering related to a global sustainable development.

This will be carried out through:
- Specialized conferences dedicated to well known figures and bearing their name
- Prestigious Awards given to well known personalities for achievements in science, technology and engineering and those to help this cause such as politicians, institutions etc.
- Book publishing
- Press and media active interaction
- Social and political active involvement for the benefit of science and technology

Since engineering degrees in developed world are in decline (for example 20% in Japan, 16% in Germany and 6% in USA) and from a poll in Italy where 95% of teenagers stated they wanted to become only Movie and TV stars, with science and engineers not at all in the picture, it is time to act.

Together we will be able to achieve a sustainable future that otherwise cannot be achieved without proper acknowledgement of scientist, technologists and engineers that play an important role just not to say the most important one for a sustainable short and long term future.

A more detailed description of the background of this mission can be found at the following published articles, authored by Dr. Florian Kongoli:
- Sustainability the Challenge of 21st Century - Reflections on the role of Science and Technology, SIPS 2011, November 2011
- Investments needed for new sustainable technologies; Copper Worldwide Vol 6 No 1; January 2016
- Role of Science and Technology on Sustainable Development, SIPS 2016, December 2016
- Science and Technology - The Grand Disruptors and Solution Providers, SIPS 2017, December 2017

Please see also the following videos related to the above-mentioned articles:

SIPS 2017 Prof. Dan Shechtman, 2011 Nobel Laureate, on FLOGEN Sustainability Framework

FLOGEN SIPS 2017 Role of Science and Technology on Sustainability

Prof. Shechtman on FLOGEN Mission on Science and Engineering in the Society

Prof. Shechtman on FLOGEN Mission for Science, Engineering and Politics

FLOGEN SIPS 2017 Impressions

FLOGEN SIPS 2016 Impressions