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Prof. Manfred Mauntz

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Manfred Mauntz received his diploma in Engineering from the University of Kaiserslautern in 1982, earned a doctorate with honors in Engineering from the University of Siegen and is a Professor at the Szent Istvan University (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering) in Hungary.

He has worked extensively on the development and implementation of an oil sensor system for the continuous, online measurement of oil quality using the quality dependent parameters, electrical conductivity and permittivity. The sensor system permits the evaluation of the ‘total machine system’ by the basic approach of measuring the changes and degradation in the oil system. Warnings of critical operating conditions, such as excessive wear or lubricant acidification and also accurate indication of the need for preventive maintenance are realized. The rolling of bearings on the raceway can cause localized friction stress, resulting in the formation of sharp edged, brittle, hairline cracks. Often these are caused by only briefly prevailing conditions, e.g. high wind gusts in wind turbines. This crack formation is the first stage in the failure mechanism commonly associated with early failure of the machine. Practical measurements and calculations employing the laws of Maxwell-Garnet, Lichtenecker and Piekara support this hypothesis. Promising applications include industrial drives, wind turbines, marine gearboxes, turbines and engines, hydraulic systems and transformers. Benefits include increased uptime, reduced maintenance and an improvement in both economic and environmental efficiency. More effective utilization of machines, targeted prevention, increased serviceable life and reduced downtime are thereby realized.

He has worked a long time extensively in the analytical and process instrumentation industry. At AEG AG, Germany he was Head of the Department protection and control. At Hartmann & Braun AG he was responsible for the analysis of the market potential in the U.S. and Canada, to develop and implement appropriate sales strategies, editing services, negotiating and completing contracts on site. As the general manager Europe at Whatman Ltd. Prof. Mauntz was in charge of set-up of market-oriented sales, marketing, and service units, developing and introducing of new product groups in the European market in the complex field of gas generators.

He is the founder, CEO and Head of Development and Research of cmc Instruments GmbH .

Over several decades the continuous research and development on new products and optimization resulted in products at the peak of technology for all kind of different industrial sectors. As the head of R&D at cmc Instruments GmbH, Prof. Mauntz realized specialized analysers for ppm H2O measurement in corrosive gases and medical gases. This specialized technology is designed to give reliable, accurate measurements in tough field service over many years. The implementation of easy-to-perform refurbishment tasks was one of the goals in the past, so this can be carried out by even non-skilled operators in the field for this hightech device. Several government funded projects have been achieved in the last 10 years, also in the demanding field of the online monitoring and continuous oil regeneration of high voltage transformers: the innovative online oil sensor system, OilQSens® enables continuous condition monitoring and power grid protection of high voltage transformers by sensor monitoring of oil aging.

Prof. Manfred Mauntz, Receiving the Fray International Award from Dr. Florian Kongoli at FLOGEN SIPS 2022

Dr. Florian Kongoli congratulating Prof. Manfred Mauntz on his award at FLOGEN SIPS 2022

Prof. Manfred Mauntz, Delivering his acceptance speech to Dr. Florian Kongoli during the FLOGEN SIPS 2022 ceremony

FLOGEN SIPS 2022 Awards: Dr. Manfred Mauntz, Eng., CEO, cmc Instruments GmbH, Germany