Murad International Life Improvement Award

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Dr. Haruhiko Inufusa

Dr. Haruhiko Inufusa was born Okayama Japan at 1957. After finished Medical School Kindai University at 1982, he starts work at Surgery department of Kindai University Hospital. At the period of post graduate school of Kindai University, he started research of cancer especially on metastasis phenomenon. He established various cancer cell lines, and one cell line had potential of metastasis in nude mouse. He achieved principal graduation by this research result at 1988. Cancer and glycolipid was his main research target during his post doctor fellowship position 1988-1990 at University Washington Seattle, Professor Sen-itchiro Hakomori laboratory,. Later, he found that Lewis Y glycolipid of cancer controls blood coagulation and metastasis as well.

In 2001, he was promoted professor at Kindai University School of Medicine (Department of Surgery) and Faculty of Agriculture (Department of Clinical Nutrition). Acting as a surgeon, he was one of first 15 doctors in Japan who started laparoscopic surgery for colorectal cancer, and his surgical video was widely used to educate young doctors.

In 2006 he resigned from his position of Director of Advanced Medical Technology and Medical Economics, at Kindai University School of Medicine. He starts research on alcohol, sugar, and fat metabolism at TIMA Japan Inc. which supported by TIMA foundation. After invention of anti-alcohol supplement SUPLAIV, he invented Twendee X that activate sugar and fat metabolisms. Strong anti-oxidant effects of Twendee X were found at 2011, he starts producing and marketing SUPAILV and Twendee X by the request of TIMA foundation. At 2013, Gifu university started his laboratory Division of Antioxidant Research. His present main invention is the successful treatment of various patients with Twendee X.

Dr. Haruhiko Inufusa, Receiving the Murad International Life Improvement Award from Dr. Florian Kongoli at FLOGEN SIPS 2022

Dr. Florian Kongoli congratulating Dr. Haruhiko Inufusa on his award at FLOGEN SIPS 2022

Dr. Haruhiko Inufusa, Delivering his acceptance speech to Dr. Florian Kongoli during the FLOGEN SIPS 2022 ceremony

FLOGEN SIPS 2022 Awards: Dr. Haruhiko Inufusa, MD, CEO, TIMA, Japan