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Dr. Patricio Barrios

Patricio Barrios

Dr. Barrios has dedicated more than 43 years to the Non-Ferrous Mining and Metals sector. He is a well-known figure in our industry due to his contribution and achievements in the domain of the sustainable management and continuous improvement of Copper Smelters and Refineries.

An industrial technology is validated by its success, meaning by the value of its economic, environmental and social impacts. Industrial practice is the final test-bed where a technology is definitively confirmed to conclude whether or not it succeeds. The relationship among Industrial Practice and Technology is an iterative process, being a source of innovations and operational knowledge that enables the refinement of the technologies. For that reason Industrial Practice, closes the loop with Science and Technology, being one of the key drivers for the Sustainability of the Industrial Processing.

Throughout his career within various leading Copper companies and as part of his senior corporate responsibilities, Dr. Barrios has exceled by creating, introducing and maintaining continuous improvement processes, which resulted in significant increases of performance, environmental improvements and a number of important technological innovations as well as the generation of a widely recognized operational knowhow. His holistic vision of the mining and metals industry's importance to the sustainable development of the society has kept a track of his social responsibility by his contribution as Advisory Committee Member of Eurometaux and as Program Review Committee Member of ICA, as well as for his frequent participation in forums and conferences.

Last year's dedication of Dr. Barrios are being devoted to leading, jointly with a leading mining company, the development of a new mine-to-metal leaching technology for the sustainable treatment of the high-Arsenic Copper bearing ores that cannot be processed by the smelters. This endeavor is an excellent example how companies pertaining to different links of the value chain joint forces and expertise to face a serious technical and environmental challenge, aiming to an efficient and responsible use of the natural resources.

Patricio Barrios
Dr. Patricio Barrios, Receiving the FLOGEN SIPS 2017 Fray International Sustainability Award from Dr. Florian Kongoli

Patricio Barrios
Dr. Florian Kongoli introducing Prof. Patricio Barrios as a winner of Fray International Sustainability Award at FLOGEN SIPS 2017

Patricio Barrios
Dr. Patricio Barrios delivering his acceptance speech, to Dr. Florian Kongoli, during the FLOGEN SIPS 2017 Fray International Sustainability Award ceremony

Dr. Patricio Barrios, winner of FLOGEN SIPS 2017 Fray International Sustainability Award, in conversation with Dr. Florian Kongoli

Full biography: http://www.flogen.org/sips2017/pdf/cv_Barrios.pdf