Geim International Innovation Award

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Prof. Shinichi Hori


Dr. Shinichi Hori is an interventional radiologist in Institute for Image Guided Therapy that locates nearby Kansai International Airport in Osaka Japan, providing service of interventional oncology for more than 1200 patients in a year. He is currently Chief director of his institute. He is managing seminars for interventional oncology and training young interventional radiologists from Asian countries. He developed an spherical embolic material which is HepaSphere commercially available world wide. He is treating not only hepatic tumors but also extrahepatic malignacies including breast cancer, primary lung cancer, gynecological malignancies and so on. He is also developing a microcatheter which makes it possible to manipulate without combining microguidewires. He is using two hybrid angio-CT systems for daily clinical practice to get better results with less complications.