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Press release covering news on Dr. Florian Kongoli, FLOGEN, and SIPS

April 2022 Press Releases


The lecture, broadcasted live on United Nations TV, was viewed by 4,211 persons from 72 Countries

Mont-Royal, QC, 7 March 2022 / FLOGEN / - Dr Florian Kongoli delivered, upon invitation, an opening plenary lecture in the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva at the United Nations International Year of Glass 2022. He spoke about the sustainability framework and the role of science and technology at a time of energy crisis. He described science as a grand disruptor and a solution provider that has literally saved the world from precipices of history and is able to do so today also in the energy sector. Among others he considered an error of some European countries shutting down the nuclear reactors that produce clean electricity based only on the risk factor and the waste production. There is no technology without risk and without waste, he said, and it is the role of science and technology that can prevent the risk and process the waste sustainably. Shutting down all nuclear reactors while importing oil and gas from other countries is a short-sighted local solution that discounts the role of science and does not serve the global sustainable development. This conclusion was proven true in the war weeks later.

Dr. Florian Kongoli delivered the lecture at the opening ceremony of the United Nations Years of Glass 2022, held at the impressive Human Rights and Alliance of Civilization room in the United Nations Headquarters in Genava on 11 February 2022 and was viewed on live broadcasting by 4,211 persons from 72 Countries. Featuring 30 world-class speakers, the ceremony was officially opened by the Secretary General of United Nations António Guterres with welcome speeches of ambassadors/permanent representatives of Spain, Turkey, Egypt, and China and the chair Dr. Alicia Durán.

The photos and videos of the event as well as the full recorded lecture can be seen here: www.flogen.org/?p=33&an=2022


Dr Florian Kongoli is CEO of FLOGEN Technologies Inc., Chairman of FLOGEN Star Outreach, and President of the Sustainable Industrial Processing Summits (SIPS). He is Honorary Citizen of Rio de Janeiro, Laureate of Gold Medal of the City of Nancy, France, Honorary Member of the Lorraine Academy of Sciences, Elected Member of Euro Mediterranean Academy of Arts and Sciences and was awarded in 2017 the title "The Environmental Tech CEO of the year 2017" by CEO-Monthly UK magazine. (CV: www.flogen.com/elt/pdf/Kongoli_Short-CV.pdf)

FLOGEN Technologies (www.flogen.com) is a High-Tech applied research institute dedicated to developing new sustainable technologies and transforming the existing technologies into sustainable ones.

FLOGEN Stars Outreach (www.flogen.org), is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to achieving sustainability through science and technology, raising the profile of science and engineering in the society and properly honoring scientists and engineers

SIPS - Sustainable Industrial Processing Summit (www.flogen.org/sips2022) is a science-focused and industrial engineering-oriented multidisciplinary conference held every year around the world with an average participation of 500 authors from academia, industry, government and the entrepreneurship world representing on average 80 countries. The summit is dedicated to achieving sustainability through science and technology and hosts regularly numerous Nobel Laureates.

Dr. Florian Kongoli at Flag Alley (194 flags), United Nation, Palace of Nation, Geneva, before giving his lecture

Dr Florian Kongoli delivering the opening sustainability plenary lecture at United Nations headquarters in Geneva

Audience in the Human Rights and Alliance of Civilization room in the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva during the lecture of Dr Florian Kongoli

Dr. Florian Kongoli featured in Time Square in New York on December 1, 2 and 3, 2021, on the occasion of previously being awarded an honorary member of the Lorraine Academy of Sciences

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Press release covering news on Dr. Florian Kongoli, FLOGEN, and SIPS